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Sutton Cleaners
      Sutton Cleaning Company arrived on time and did a great job. That place we called the time before was okay, but one of the gentlemen smoked and left the house not smelling as clean as I'd hoped. When these cleaners left, I just sat on the couch and inhaled the fresh clean smell they left behind. Worth every penny.
Blair M.28/10/2016
     Ever since my wife got her latest promotion, it's been very hard for us to juggle care for our two young children and all the other jobs that have to be done around the house. Having seen how low their prices are, we decided to get a regular cleaning service from Sutton Cleaning Company. Our lives have been so much easier ever since! Now that we know a lot of the housework is already taken care of, we've both had more time to relax and spend with our kids. Excellent and thorough cleaning service carried out by lovely people!
Zach J.21/12/2015
     SuttonCleaners clean my home every few weeks, and I've yet to be disappointed or let down in any way by the staff or the service they provide. My home was always looking a bit worse for wear, but now I have a polished and sanitised house that I just love showing off! The cleaners are also very friendly, and obviously very passionate about their jobs, which is great to see!
Ian P.29/01/2015
     My face literally dropped when I came back and saw how good my home looked! SuttonCleaners did a great job! Not only did they actually listen to all of the things I asked them to do, but when I came back the job looked so professional that I picked up the phone to a friend and told them to immediately hire them too! I've had a few cleaners come and go but this company is one that I've become familiar with and I have to say I like their style. On time - nice chaps! - and actually know how to do things. Thank you!
James Stevens23/10/2014
     I'm a bit of klutz when it comes to cleaning, I'm not ashamed to admit that! Nevertheless, I needed a cleaner that wouldn't judge me based on the shoddy job I've done up to now. SuttonCleaners did just that, and I'm very thankful for the good work that they did. The dusting, polishing and scrubbing were all done professionally, and not a single mark was left behind. No chemically odour either, and that's doubly important because of the pets I own. No contaminants means no problems! The best part though is how cheap they were to hire - I was expecting them to charge a lot for their services, but instead they're affordable enough to hire on a biweekly basis! Result!
S. Thomas29/08/2014
     When moving into my apartment, I mentioned to my new neighbour that everything was fine but the previous tenant hadn't been as clean as would have ideally been wished. Instead of contacting the landlord about this, I decided to contact a cleaning company myself as I was looking for one long-term anyway. I tried a couple of local companies first of all who were, quite frankly, rubbish. I guess it was third time lucky for me because I phoned up SuttonCleaners and they did the job I expected the first two companies to do. Not only that, they were quite a bit cheaper than the other two. Needless to say this is the company I use all the time now.
     This is the very first time that I have written a review but on this occasion I believe that SuttonCleaners deserve the credit. They are experts in property cleaning and that was what I needed last year when I was moving in to a rented house temporarily. The house had been used by a group of students who had not been house proud so to speak. All the rooms were in need of a complete scrub from top to bottom. This company was to be my saviors in many ways. They acted fast with no fuss, they charged much less than I expected and the house was now a home, all thanks to them.
Gloria Jameson24/07/2014
     I love the feeling when I get home from my work and I walk into my sparklingly clean home. It really takes away the stress after a long day of work and allows me to relax into my evening. For the price that I was quoted by SuttonCleaners I expected a quick whip around, tidy things up and give it a quick clean but the cleaners really provide a comprehensive clean that would take me hours to do on my own. If there are any areas that I would like them to pay extra attention to, or to steer clear from, I simply let them know and they will always endeavour to meet my request.
Claire Armitage30/06/2014
     Allowing stranger in my home unoccupied has never been something that I would consider until I had a fall last year and was ordered by my doctor to take the weight off my feet for a while. I was told to get someone in to clean and take care of my household duties. It was actually my GP who gave me the phone number of SuttonCleaners telling me that he's been employing them for over 3 years to keep his home in shape. It was a blessing for me to have this company take over and although I'm now back on my feet again and don't need them now, I would certainly recommend them to anyone who needs a great domestic cleaner.
Tim Coulson12/06/2014